College Awareness Week - 2020.

CAW Logo 2020


College Awareness Week is a national campaign which aims to promote the benefits of going to college, to help students of all ages to become college-ready and to showcase local role models. College Awareness Week is delivered in partnership with the following organisations: the Higher Education Authority, the National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals and the Confederation of Student Services Ireland. It is a multi-organisational and collaborative initiative involving a wide range of stakeholders, including schools, HEIs, museums, libraries and businesses.


O'Carolan College is celebrating College Awareness Week, we are promoting College awareness by presenting out own graduation photos, to remind our the students that all their teachers were nurtured and worked hard to fulfill our own potential as young students. Students are encouraged to inquire into the teachers lived experience of the college life and how it helped shaped them. There is a set of junior lessons regarding college attendance that SPHE students will take part in, along with a Tik-Tok competition for College Awareness. Finally, for the senior students, we will run drop in workshops so the students can develop the skills to successfully apply to third level institutions, both in Ireland and abroad. 

In today's society, going to college is becoming more important. A college education will further enable the students of OCC to fulfil their potential, allow them to undertake a course of study which can be both fascinating and challenging, and helps them to secure employment and decent living standards in the future. As Ireland moves towards a knowledge based economy, both individual students and society benefit from increased levels of educational attainment. We encourages all our studdents to join next generation of college students and we how to help them to become college-ready.