Third Level Accommondation



Finding accommondation. 


Finding accommondation is generally a straight forward affair. However, if you are running into difficulties, one place you can go to for information to help you in the 3rd level institutes' student union. They generally have accommondation lists of houses / digs that would have been recently inspected over the summer. Newspaper articles may also advertise places to rent, but ensure to ring when you see the advertisement as these places tend to go fast. 

If you choose to rent from the private market, there are many useful websites that you can use. For example:


Types of student accommondation. 



Digs involve living with a host family. They generally provide a bed, breakfast and an evening meal. They tend to operate Mon-Fri, but weekends can also be arranged in some cases. It is a good idea to agree on initial ground rules to prevent disputes with the host family. 


Self catering / House share:   

This involves sharing a house or apartment with others. Landlords are legally required to provide you with a rent book, written contract, etc. 


On campus accommondation:   

Purpose built accommondation built on, or close to, the campus of the third level institute. Many operate with an licencee agreement. 


Other types of emerging accommondation:     

Homestay, airbnb, homeshare.


Advice before moving into an accommondation. 

Check whether the tenancy is in the jurisdiction of the RTB. 

Research whether you want to live in digs, house-share, apartment complex, etc. 

Ensure the appliances work.

Ask about parking cars and storing bikes. 

Make sure you know what other costs (heating, electricity, etc) you will have to pay. 

Decide who is in charge of maintaining the garden. 

Inquire as to whether pets are, or are not, allowed. 

Check for damp or mould. 

Will you be individually responsible your portion of the rent only or jointly responsible for the total rent. 


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