Revision and study skills



This article suggests different methods in which you can study. Revision and study activities can be categorized into two different types: relearning knowledge and recalling knowledge. Knowledge can take the form of facts, developing understanding, applying skills and values, and many others. 

When students revise and study, they should aim to practice relearning knowledge and recalling knowledge. In general, research suggests you should do revision to try to recall knowledge first, and fill in the gaps of what you don't know by relearning knowledge after. 

For a more in-depth look at what constitutes effective study / revision, please click here

Stragegies to recall knowledge.

  • Practising exam paper questions.
  • Testing yourself with flash-cards.
  • Answering questions at the end of a chapter, without looking at the book / notes. 
  • Draw a concept map, without your notes. 
  • Write out a short set of questions per topic that target the key points of the topic. Answer them frequently without the notes. 

Strategies to relearn knowledge. 

  • Review notes.
  • Summarizing book chapters. 
  • Drawing concept-maps, with your notes.
  • Writing out flash-cards. 
  • Using marking schemes to correct your own work. 

There are many other types of revision strategies that you can use for both types, outside of the lists above. 

Combine the strategies. 

The best way to study is to combine the types of study that you do. Research indicates it is extremely useful to combine the strategies. For example, a student may choose a topic and first try to answer questions from the exam paper (recall strategy). They can then use the marking scheme to review their answer, and highlight errors (relearn strategy). They can then review their notes (relearn strategy) and write out a short set of questions that highlight the key points of a topic that they can use to test themselves with again at a later date (recall strategy).

Christmas Examinations 2018

Christmas Examinations


The time-tables for the christmas examination have been published online. You can find the timetables under the Student Activity tab on the menu found at the top of the page.


We will also be publishing a short revision strategy guide for our students to help aid them in their studies.  Please check the Student Activity tab for these updates. 



Entrance scholarship awards for OCC Alumni.

NUI High Achievers

We would like to congratulate Rene Curtis and Hannah Rooney on their scholarship awards. Both Rene and Hannah received an Entrance Scholarship at Maynooth University. This is awarded to students who achieved 550 points or more. Both students attended the ceremony with their families. This is a wonderful achievement. Many congratulations to both students. 


NUI High Achievers 2

Mental Health Week - Wellbeing

5 ways


This week in O'Carolan College, we have been celebrating and promoting the Wellbeing of our students, under the indicator of Resilence. Each year, our mental health week promotes resilence with our students, to enable them to tackle the stresses that life throws at us. Students have designed wrist bands to promote healthy outlooks, we have had mindful colour sessions at lunch times and various speakers have come into the school to talk to our students.

20181128 161002

We value the wellbeing of all our students and strive to promote a culture of respect between all students and staff. We understand that life can be stressful for all and we aim to help all students who find themselves in need. For students who find themselves in a space where they require help, we have many supports in place to help them; tutors, year heads, the care team and our trained counsellors. 


OCC Alumnus awarded Naughton Scholarship


Each year 36 students are awarded Naughton Scholarships. There is at least one winner from each County in the Republic of Ireland. The scholarship is intended as a reward and encouragement to exceptional students who would like to study in the STEM field (science, technology, engineering and maths) at University. OCC Alumnus Sadhbh Leahy was award this prestigious scholarship for the year 2018. We are very proud of her approach to her academic studies and we are delighted to see her recognised by national bodies. 

The school of each winning student also receives a prize for the schools science labs. Naughton Scholars regularly come together for events throughout the year and build a community of very bright students whom will be worldwide leaders in their fields in the future, be it in research or industry.