Arts Week 2019

This week in O'Carolan College, is Arts weeks. We challenge our students to identify where the arts is in their everyday lives, and how it affects them. We ask them to imagine a world without music, without art, without films or without the works of Shakespeare, Yeator or Oscar Wilde. 

arts week 2013

Without the arts, the world would be a very boring place. Musics, drama, art, design, poetry, drawing and dance open the minds of our students, broaden their horizons and help them to learn and think creatively independently and creatively. They can give them insights to different cultures and can contribute to the promotion of a happy and successful life. 


We have many events on this week to engage the students of O'Carolan College with the arts. These include a music workshop, a visit to the local library, a school visit to our school by an Irish author, a trip to the art gallery of Dublin and an acculmination of the week's events with the Talent show. In our talent show, a selection of students who succeeded in the audition process showcase their various talents to the student body and prizes are up for grabs for the best performers of the day.