OCC opens it's doors to returning and incoming students - 26th August.

OCarolan College

We, the staff of O'Carolan College, would like to welcome our incoming and returning students after a long summer break. We hope everyone is well rested and ready for the exciting and engaging academic year ahead. 

Our sixth-year students will be the first to return on Monday, 26th August, where they will participate in a workshop on effective study skills. This workshop will be facilitated by Amazing Brains, who specialise in showing students how the brain works, how to develop a success mindset and practise evidence-based study strategies to revise effectively and succeed in examinations. This workshop will take place in the gym from 8.50 to 12.30. Buses will not be running on this day, so alternative arrangements will need to be put in place for going to / collection from school. 

On Tuesday, 27th August, our first-year students will be welcomed to O'Carolan College, whilst our third-year students will attend for the Amazing Brains workshop. The first years will meet the principal, their year head and their class tutors. They will be welcomed into their class groups and their tutors will give them a more concise introduction to the O'Carolan College. The third-year students will be in the gym, completing the Amazing Brains workshop. Buses will be running on this day for these students, and all days following.

On Wednesday, 28th August, the first-year students and transition-year students will be in school. The day commences at 8.50 and will conclude at 3.20.

On Thursday, 29th August, our second-year students and fifth-year students will attend the school from 8.50 to 3.20. The fifth year leaving certificate applied students will attend school from 8.50 to 1.20.

On Friday, 30th August, all our students, except for transition-year students and fifth year leaving certificate applied students will attend school.

We are eagerly looking forward to welcoming our students back from the summer holidays and are excited to engage with them in the learning journey that this year brings.