Student enrolment procedures for students 2020/21


The enrollment procedures for O'Carolan College is as follows:

  1. Principal visits primary schools.
  2. Open Evening.
  3. Enrolment applications released.
  4. Return of application by set closing date.
  5. Offer of places.
  6. Entrance assessments and payment of book rental.
  7. Correspondence with parents regarding commencement of academic year.
  8. Commencement of academic year.


  1.  Principal visits primary schools.

In September, the Principal of O'Carolan College visits the local primary schools and presents a glimpse of what our school has to offer. This allows the students prepare for their incoming journey in O'Carolan College and get answers to any questions they may have.

  1. OpenEvening.

In October, we open our doors to incoming first years and their family, to show what we can offer our students. Parents and children are addressed by members of the staff and student body and then a tour of the school commences.

  1. Enrolment applications released.

On the open evening, enrolment forms are issued. If parents cannot attend the open evening, they can call into the office to receive an enrolment form.

  1. Return of applications closing date.

Parents have one week to fill in the application forms. The closing date and offer of places date are published on the website and at the Open Evening.

  1. Offer of places.

Upon reception of the application forms, the school offers places to incoming students for the next academic year in O'Carolan College.

  1. Entrance assessments and payment of book rental.

In February, the incoming first years visit O'Carolan College and undertake an assessment. This is an assessment that allows the school to gauge the student's natural abilities and identify their strengths. Book rental payment is also due in February.

  1. Correspondence with parents regarding commencement of academic year.

Parents / guardians are sent a letter detailing when the school with open its doors for the academic year, when the students are to return and a brief summary of what will occur during the first few days of term for the incoming first years.

  1. Commencement of academic year.

The school opens its doors to the returning and incoming students, and the year begins as normal.