Science week 2019 in O'Carolan College

Science week 1

To celebrate Science week 2019, O'Carolan College is running a climate action theme. We will be looking to promote sustainable practices in the school and encourage our students to do the same elsewhere. Amongst other things, we are encouraging our students to car-pool to school, and when it is possible, walk or cycle to school instead of drive. We are organising a swap shop for students to take old items they would otherwise throw in the bin and swap them with other students. We are also encouraging them to shop local and buy locally produced products. 


Science week 2


We will also welcome back the National Reptile Zoo from Kilkenny. They will provide a workshop to first, second and third years to talk about animals that live in a variety of different habitats and discuss how modern climate change is affecting them. A selection of animals will be on display to the students which will include snakes, tarantulas, caimans and snapping turtles


Monday, 11th November, the planet Mercury will transit our sun. Between 12:30 and 4:00, this will be streamed online by many astronomical organisations such as NASA and the ESA. If you would like to stream this event, please click here. This event will not occur again until 2032 so be sure to view a live stream while the opportunity presents itself.