National Reptile Zoo visits OCC

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This week, the National Reptile Zoo (click here for their website) visited the Junior Cycle students of O'Carolan College. Niamh, the facilitator, gave each group a 2-hour workshop focusing on Zoology, Conservation and Climate Action.

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Over the course of the workshop, the students got to meet animals including a python, a corn snake, a tarantula and a frilled dragon. Niamh would give information specific to each animal and then, in most cases, allow the students to pet or touch the animals. One animal that stood out was Michelle the tortoise. Michelle spent twenty minutes per session exploring the gym, becoming familiar with the area, weaving in and out of the chairs in the gym and getting to know the students.

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Overall, the students had a great time, learned some new and interesting facts about not common to Ireland and discussed how human activities can impact the lives of these wonderful creatures we share our planet with.  

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