A warm welcome to our first years.

Growing up

We, the staff body of O'Carolan College, would like to extend our warmest welcome to the incoming first years which attend O'Carolan College today. All of our staff were impressed with the first years' eagerness to come and learn about the next step in their journal, both in formal education and their personal development. As a school, we pride ourselves on developing a community of prosperity and diligence by promoting mutual respect and hard work in all aspects of our school life, and we're delighted you will share these experiences in the coming years. We hope you enjoy this part of your journey with us and we will work hard to help guide your growth to help maximise your future potential during the time you spend with us. 
Welcome to O'Carolan College.  

Seeking Adulthood

I'm getting older now,
No longer a child,
Not yet an adult,
But a girl trying to carve a path for herself

I'm learning to make my own choices,
Molding a future with my bare hands,
Learning how to step out,
Despite the shaky ground.

I no longer need to be held tight in your embrace
But crave an independence,
One that lets me explore my hunger for this world,
A world full of hidden meanings.

But sometimes I fall,
As I struggle to take in the world before me,
Overwhelmed by the bigger picture
The adulthood that lies ahead.

And it must be hard for you to accept
That I'm building a life for myself,
Making mistakes that you cannot cure,
Choices you never dreamed I'd make.

By Maysie Stott Morrison