Geography is a compulsory subject at Junior Level, and it is optional at Senior Level. The Geography Rooms; Room 3, Room 11, Room 43 and Room 24, continue to be a hive of activity throughout the year. The designated rooms are occupied daily by Geography classes at both Senior and Junior Level. Evidence of activity‐based learning can be seen in the Geography Rooms where numerous posters, projects and models are on display. In our teaching of the curriculum, we place emphasis on the interesting geographic elements of our local area by using local examples, case studies and maps. 


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At Junior Level, there are three classes per week while five classes per week (one single class and two double classes) are allocated at Senior Level. All classrooms in O’Carolan College have computers and interactive overhead projectors are used daily. Google Earth and specialised software are available to the department courtesy of the LMETB. Other resources that the department use include the Internet, DVDs, rock samples, maps and aerial photographs, weather stations, excursions, field trips and posters. Recently the department bought up-to-date weather stations and equipment and classes have engaged in numerous weather recording activities. The department meets regularly to co-ordinate geography trips, in-school activities and classroom teaching. A number of formal and many informal meetings were held during the year to plan and review work and progress and to examine the report by the Department of Education and Skills, in-service resources etc. As a department, we are extremely encouraged by the overall standard of results and the large number of students taking Higher Level Geography at both Junior and Leaving Certificate. Geography continues to be a very popular subject option for Leaving Certificate.