All Junior Cycle students completed the relevant Junior Certificate course material for their year as prescribed by the syllabus. Students of first year studied material from Ancient Ireland, the Romans, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Second year students studied the Age of Exploration, the Reformation, the Plantations, the Age of Revolutions and the Industrial Revolution/Irish Famine. Third year students studied Modern Ireland, International Relations in the 20th Century and Social Change in 20th Century Ireland.  

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All Senior Cycle students completed the relevant Leaving Certificate course material as prescribed by the Syllabus. Fifth Year students studied the Irish section of the course: The Pursuit of Sovereignty and the Impact of Partition 1912-1949 and Northern Ireland 1949-1993. Sixth year students studied Dictatorship and Democracy 1920-1945 and United States and the World 1945-1989. Fifth years also carried out preliminary work on their Research Study, submitting their first draft as part of their summer assessment. Sixth Year students completed their Research Study and submitted it as requested to the school authorities on Thursday 23rd April along with completing their revision of the 5th year course.  

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Students of Transition Year undertook a course in History teaching methodologies. They took their new found skills to the local primary school and they became the teacher for a number of sessions.  This was met with great enthusiasm from the primary school children and was thoroughly enjoyed by all involved.   

TY also completed a Tour Guiding module through Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin. Here they improved their oral and presentation skills and two students were invited back to take part in the National competition in April. Students also participated in a local archaeological dig in Kilberry, in conjunction with the Geography Dept. They worked closely with archaeologists and furthered their love for the subject.