The programme is offered to all fifth and 6th year students who study the qualifying Leaving Certificate subjects. The list of qualifying Leaving Certificate subjects can be viewed at The teaching team believe that the subject provides students with a valuable insight into the world of work, career paths and report writing. It was decided that we would change the name of the subject within the school from LCVP to Enterprise Education. The current 6th year group (2015/2016) will hand in their portfolio work in the first week of March  (worth 60%) and sit the written examination (worth 40%) on May  6th  as set by the Department of Education.

All class groupings are mixed ability, allowing the non Junior Certificate Business students engage and interact with the Junior Certificate Business students and benefit from collaborative learning. Students are timetabled for a double class period in the IT room, where they have access to the internet/printing and secure file saving. This facility is essential as students must research information and all portfolio items must be word processed

Students are encouraged to complete four portfolio items in 5th year and the remaining two portfolio items in 6th year. Students can avail of plenty of help from our excellent Career Guidance team in the school in securing work experience placements and preparation with their career investigations. All 5th year students went out on work experience from the 7th   of March to the 11 th of March.  During that week all 6th year students had their recorded interviews. Students participated in each of the following throughout the year:

1. A class visit to The Chocolate Warehouse for all 5th years’ students, this visit was essential for writing up the Summary report. 

2. One 5th year group completed their enterprise action for their portfolio items by organising and running a leg waxing event in aid of the Gary Kelly Centre. The other ran an event for Smurfit kappa  a local enterprise.

3. Recorded Interviews were held for the 6th year students which took place on the week 7th March –11 th March. These recordings were professionally completed by Pro-services 2005.

4. 6th year students had appointments with the Careers team to assist in drafting/researching on their Career Investigations.

The portfolio accounts for 60% of the final examination and teachers spend considerable time correcting these in conjunction with the Departments marking scheme. All resources received at in – service are shared within the department, any relevant information on grade improvement i.e. sample portfolio work are distributed to students. The written paper accounts for 40% of the final examination and students are encouraged to actively discuss answers in class, visit and to gain a better understanding of the standard of answering required to achieve that distinction.

Students sit a mock exam in 6th year.  All 6th year class groups gain from a timetable 1.5 hour block over the Christmas in house exams to spend time on the audio visual section of the exam and look closely at case studies. The final written examination took place on Wednesday 6th May 2015. Students and parents are made fully aware of the grading system of the subject: 

Distinction = 70 points = C grade L Cert Honours 

Merit = 50 points = A2 grade L Cert Ordinary 

Pass = 30 points