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About Leaving Certificate Applied.

  • The Leaving Certificate Applied is a two-year programme aimed at preparing students for adult and working life.
  • It emphasises forms of achievement and excellence, which the established Leaving Certificate has not recognised in the past.
  • LCA contains the following elements: General Education, Vocational Preparation and Vocational Education.
  • The programme is based on Continuous assessment with the final exams accounting for 34% of the overall grade.



  • To prepare students for adult and working life.
  • To provide students with skills-based learning.
  • To allow students to apply the learning experiences gained over the two years of the LCA programme to practical educational tasks at school, in the work place and in the wider community


The areas studied in the Leaving Certificate Applied. 

The programme is divided into three main areas:

  1. Vocational Preparation.
  2. Vocational Education.
  3. General Education.


Vocational Preparation:

Work Experience is essential to this element of the programme. Students undertake work placement one day a week during each school term.


Vocational Education:

All students take courses in Mathematical Applications and Introduction to Information and Communications Technology. They also take two specialist courses from the following career related areas. This year they are following two of the following options:

  • Childcare
  • Graphics and Construction
  • Hotel, Catering and Tourism


General Education

Students study the following areas:

  • Arts Education: Visual Art
  • Gaeilge Chumarsáideach
  • Modern Language
  • Leisure & Recreation
  • Social Education

Students also take two other approves elective courses in the areas of:

  • Engineering
  • Office & Administration & Customer Care


Asessment in LCA.

The LCA Programme has 3 Modes of Assessment:

Satisfactory Completion of Modules                                  62 Credits (31%)

7 Students Tasks                                                                  70 Credits (35%)

Final Examination                                                               68 Credits (34%)

Total                                                                              200 Credits (100%)


Key Assignments & Tasks as part of Assessment

Students are assessed on a continuous basis over the four sessions with credits being awarded at the end of the session on satisfactory completion of modules. This involves students completing mandatory Key Assignments for each course.

Students complete 7 tasks over the two years. Tasks are anchored in specific courses. A task is a substantial project and is worth 10 credits. Students are interviewed by external examiners

Students have the potential to achieve 66% of their overall marks before completing their final exams.


End of Year Examinations

End of year Examinations take place in June as part of the State Exams. Subjects examined are:

  • English and Communication
  • Two Vocational Specialisms
  • Mathematical Applications
  • Language (Gaeilge Chumarsáideach & Modern European Languages)
  • Social Education

Oral examinations, as well as written/aural examinations, will be held in the case of all the languages including English and Communications.



The Leaving Certificate Applied is awarded at three levels:

Pass                                             120-139 Credits (60-69%)

Merit                                           140-169 Credits (70-84%)

Distinction                         170 -200 Credits (85% – 100%)


Further Studies

The Leaving Certificate Applied is accepted in most Post Leaving Certificate Courses (PLCs). Completing these courses will in many cases allow a student to progress to third level Institutes of Technology.

The Leaving Certificate Applied provides access to most apprenticeships with SOLAS (formerly FAS).


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