Biology is the study of life. This includes the exploration of the diversity of life and the inter-relationship between organisms and their environment. Students will develop an understanding and knowledge of the unit of life – the cell – whose structures and processes are shared by all living organisms and, in so doing, gain an insight into the uniqueness, function and role of organisms, including themselves.  


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 Students also learn how other living organisms and their products to enhance human health and the human environment and make informed evaluations about contemporary biological issues. It is intended that the biology syllabus will prove relevant to the lives of students and inspire in them an interest in and excitement about biology.  

Studying Biology is essential for students wishing to pursue careers in the following areas; Medicine, Physiotherapist, Veterinary Studies, Food Science, Horticulturist, Immunology, Marine Biology, Nutrition, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Science Education and Forensic Science. 


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