Wood Technology is taught as an optional subject to all students up to Junior Cycle. The follow-on subject from this is Construction Studies at Leaving Certificate level. Students follow the course set by the DES syllabus and the subject is common level at Junior Cycle and can achieve Ordinary and Higher Level in Leaving Certificate examinations.

Wood Technology is a subject that will allow students to explore and learn about a key natural resource that nature has provided. Trees and wooden material have a unique relationship with nature and humankind. The sustainable use and management of this natural resource is important as the world faces the challenges of the 21st century. From habitats to construction or recreation to oxygen creation this resource can play a significant role in wellbeing of our planet.

In Wood Technology, students will:

  • Explore the natural and made world through the medium of design, seeking out opportunities to creatively and innovatively apply the material/resource in making and shaping their environment.
  • Explore wood as a material resource which has seen much innovation and change. Technological advances have created significant opportunities to expand the use of wood as a resource for a broad range of applications. However, the uniqueness of this material and craft is that many of the traditional applications and processes are still of value, transcending the test of time.
  • Be active learners with student centered learning through collaboration in the pursuit of knowledge in the safe management of the technology classroom environment.
  • Develop the relevant knowledge, skills and values to bring ideas from conception to reality in a way that will allow them to be expressive, creative and innovative.


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