This subject is the perfect introduction for Junior Certificate students to the world of wood and all of its practical applications. It allows students to develop all the basic practical knowledge and skills necessary to manufacture a broad range of woodwork joints and wood based projects while also highlighting key areas such as the importance of preserving wood as a natural resource.


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As well as an introduction to design, students learn the basics of:

  • Tree Growth
  • The Timber Industry
  • Materials 
  • Tools and Tooling
  • Joints,
  • Fasteners and Fixtures 
  • Shaping and Forming 
  • Finishes and Preservatives
  • Health and Safety


In completing the Junior Cycle course, the students have 3 key assessment events, in addition to the state examination.


The first classroom based assessment (CBA) it entitled "Wood science in our environment." The CBA provides opportunities for students to engage in practical, authentic learning experiences that gives them the experience of investigating a wood science-related issue within a local/global context. The Classroom-Based Assessment will ask students to research, analyse and draws conclusions on their findings.


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The second CBA is entitled "Student self-analysis and evaluation." It provides opportunities for students to conduct an analysis of their coursework and skills to date in Wood Technology. Students will focus their analysis and evaluation on a range of completed tasks or on a specific completed task. Students are expected to critically review their progress and identify areas of strength and areas for improvement, with a view to informing their work for the State Examination Commission project.