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Junior Cert art aims to foster a love and appreciation of Art by introducing students to a variety of art and design disciplines in both two and three dimensions. Students learn how to create various art forms through demonstrations, practice and study. Students expand their visual, spatial and tactile understanding and appreciation of the world around them through the study of art. They will develop the skills required to create and construct objects in three dimensions. They will develop their imagination and lateral thinking abilities through the exploration and practice of producing crafts. They will learn how to use the art and design elements to create two dimensional art also. Junior cert art is a very dynamic and innovative subject which allows for and encourages student self-expression and individuality.
Art is an optional subject for First Year students. The subject must then be kept until Junior Cert. Students then may choose it as an option again on entry to Fifth Year. Only in exceptional circumstances will students who have not completed the Junior Certificate art course be allowed to do Leaving Certificate art. Evidence of artistic skill in the form of sketch pads or portfolio must be presented to the Art Department. Art is offered at Ordinary level and Honours level for both Junior and Leaving Certificate. All Transition Year and L.C.A students do Art as part of their courses.
The Junior Cycle Visual Art programme follows the framework of the new Junior Cycle. It has two classroom based assessments, an assessment task and a final examination. The first classroom based assessment is entitled “From Process to Realisation.” It is a group or individual project where students choose to work from one of a range of given themes to develop their ideas and create a realised work. This is completed towards the end of second year. The second classroom based assessment is entitled “Communicate and Reflect.” It is an individual project where students choose one from a range of given themes and generate preparatory work which they present to their class for discussion and feedback. The assessment task is a reflective piece, where students engage with the key skills developed over the second classroom based assessment.
Art, Craft and Design play an integral part in today’s society and tomorrow’s world. All of creation begins with an idea. It is the job then of the artist, artisan or designer to bring these ideas to life. The study of Art and Design at Leaving Certificate level therefore could be a vital stepping stone for every aspiring Graphic Designer, Industrial Designer, Fashion Designer, Website Designer, Computer Designer, Interior Designer, Engineering Designer, Set Designer, Textiles Artist, Architect, Photographer, Cinematographer, Film maker, Jeweler, Animator, Sculptor or Painter. Students who study Art for Leaving Cert. further enhance all the skills and methods learned through the Junior Cert. They deepen their knowledge of the subject by studying the ‘Appreciation and History of Art and Design’ and they advance their artistic abilities to a higher level through the use and exploration of the Art Elements