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Supporting Students & Parents

This page provides a brief overview on some of the services and supports provided by O’Carolan College.

Student Voice & Student Leaders

In O’Carolan College, we operate a Student Leader & Student Voice system. One leader is appointed in every class group, as representatives for the group. They are given special duties by their tutors in relaying information to and from students, acting as representatives for the class group and acting as ambassadors to the school. Each student who is a Student Leader is recognised at the end of the academic year at the awards ceremony for their work in the role.

The Student Voice is a representative body for the whole of the student body. They meet regularly and discuss issues related to the student body, and the student experience in O’Carolan College Nobber. Each member is recognised at the end of the academic year at the awards ceremony for their work in the role.

Bullying & anti-bullying week

In O’ Carolan College, we recognise the very serious nature of bullying and the negative impact which it can have on the lives of pupils. Therefore, we are fully committed to the following key principles of best practice in preventing and tackling bullying behaviour:

A positive school culture and climate which:

Counselling & guidance

The aim of the Guidance and Counselling programme is to help students to develop an awareness and acceptance of their talents and abilities, to explore opportunities and to make informed choices about their lives. It also aims to provide support to all students in a caring and kind manner. We recognise the importance of guidance and counselling in enabling each student to gain maximum benefit from the education system. Guidance is regarded as a whole school activity and one to which all members of the school community facilitate and contribute. The delivery of a comprehensive Guidance Programme is the responsibility of the Guidance Counsellors but a whole school approach is essential to realise this objective.

Home school liaison

The home school liaison is a support O’Carolan College offers to parents. As some parents can struggle with helping students adapt to secondary life, our home school liaison supports parents in this manner. The home school liaison can organise home visits, meet with parents in schools, help develop plans and targets for students and supporting family, as well as many other interventions. Our home school liasison also works very closey with the school completion officier, a support provided by TUSLA, and the O’Carolan College care team.

Silver circle

Every year, O’Carolan College runs a fundraiser called the Silver Cirlce draw. This is an annual fundraiser for the school, in which students sell 10 tickets to family, friends, neighbours, etc. There are many prizes for the tickets sold, as well as prizes for students who sell cards. The funds from the silver circle draw are raised by the students, and spent on the students. Money from silver circle goes towards subsidizing buses for school trips, affliation fee’s for various sports clubs, guest speakers to the school, and many other events.