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Home School Liaison

WHAT is the Home School Community Liaison Scheme?

The Home School Community Liaison Scheme is a very positive programme in operation in O’ Carolan College. It fosters a sense of trust between the students, parents and the school with the aim of maximising the participation of students and parents in the learning process.

WHY do we need the Home School Community Liaison Scheme?

Post-primary school is an exciting, challenging, rewarding but sometimes difficult experience, not only for students, but also for parents. School life is not solely about what a student achieves between 9am and 4pm. There are many other factors which contribute towards the experience of school life.

WHO looks after the Home School Community Liaison Scheme in O’ Carolan College?

The scheme coordinator is Ms Sarah O Connell. Sarah is available to discuss on a personal level matters of concern with parents. The scheme is also supported by input from the Principal, Deputy Principal, Year Heads, Guidance Counsellors, Resource Teachers, Tutors and class teachers.

HOW does the Home School Community Liaison Scheme work?

  • The scheme recognises the parents as the primary educators of their children and is constantly looking at ways to support parents in this important role.
  • Home visits are an excellent way of “checking in” with parents and listening to their views and concerns.
  • Many parents participate in a wide range of courses, which are run during the school day. These are free of charge and cover many subjects including First-Aid, gardening, Parenting and most recently Choir. These are mostly held in our Parent’s Room in the school. Such courses not only help parents learn new skills but also recognise the importance of parents having time to chat amongst themselves. It also gives them the opportunity to share in the life and work of the school alongside their children.

WHERE does the Home School Community Liaison Scheme take place?

The scheme is not confined to within the school walls. As mentioned, the scheme coordinator makes home visits. In addition, the scheme builds bridges between the school and the many groups, organisations and agencies within the wider community, which impinge on the lives of our students; particularly the Deeside School Completion Project and LMETB Adult and Community Education Services.


Parents/Guardians have a room in O’ Carolan College specifically for their use. This is where various classes for parents/guardians are held. The HSCL coordinator also has an office on the school premises. This can be a place where people have privacy within the school to discuss concerns that may have arisen for them.

The Parent’s room is situated in the old school building and the HSCL office is in the log cabin at the front of the main school.

Unfortunately, due to covid-19 restrictions at present, parent classes and access to the parents’ room is not possible. I will be in contact with parents as soon as there is any change to these arrangements.

Please feel free to contact Sarah O Connell with any queries on 0860661572

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