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Applied Maths

Applied Maths is the study of practical applications of Mathematics to the real world and physical problems. It is typically associated with Engineering and Physics, but also finds use in Economics, Finance, Business, Environmental studies, and even Chemistry and Medicine.
Applied Maths
The course essentially covers the Mathematics behind the behaviour of objects when placed in various situations, such as being thrown as Projectiles, bounced off walls or other objects, immersed in fluids, or swung around on a rope. There are 10 questions on the exam paper; however the exam only requires the student to complete six questions, so students can focus on six or seven topics, which makes the course and workload more manageable.

The course avoids theory-heavy questions (such as proofs and manipulating formulae), instead offering practical problems with numerical solutions, such as finding the optimal angle to throw a projectile at so that it will travel as far as possible. As a result, Applied Maths is excellent for developing strong problem solving skills, which are very valuable for future employment.

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