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Computer Studies

We now live in the computer age. As the majority of our students aspire to go to college, they will have to submit their coursework in electronic form. Later on “new technology” will be important to them in the world of work.
The first year ICT course introduces students to the use of ICT for Teaching and Learning, for use both in school and beyond. The students receive their LMETB credentials and are shown how to utilise the Office 365 suite to enhance their learning. The students are shown how to use Microsoft Word and Power-point, to develop a research project of their choosing. They are guided in the difference of using the internet for searching, and researching, and how to use both in tandem. The students present their work in front of their peers, take questions on their research and identify areas for improvement of their future presentations. This skill development for research andpresentation provides a foundation for students Classroom Based Assessments in many of the subjects the students take at Junior Cycle, and other instances in senior cycle, third level and the world of work.
Students are also introduced to using Microsoft Teams, which is the digital learning environment that is employed by OCC. This allows students to remotely access notes, homeworks, videos and other media posted by the staff. They can also submit homework using this online forum in instances where subjects allow. Teams allows for students to take online quizzes and assessments which allows effecient submission and grading of non-terminal exams.
In transition year, classes are offered a module in Computer coding. The main area focused on during this 10 week module is MicroBits. The simplicity of MicroBits allows students for immediate success, but also challenges students as they build their knowledge and understanding grows. Using MicroBits students develop their skills in critical thinking and collaboration building their confidence to try new things. Students have produced several small projects in this module, with the main project that is focused is making and coding a musical instrument. Students work in groups to make guitars, saxophones and even a piano. Transition Year students also take part in Vex Robotics . This involves students building a robot Kit andb both coding and programming the robot to do a specific Task
At O’Carolan College we have two Information Technology (I.T. )rooms. One of these is situated in the old school building and the other two situated in the main building. Both can accommodatefull classes and all the computers are broadband connected.We have 24 devices in the three Science lab, 12 in English / Geography Department and 10 in the DCG Department. We also have two mobile trolleys of laptops that can be transported within the main building to allow classes not in timetabled for the computer labs to access the iCT Infrastructure.