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Construction Studies introduces students to the knowledge and skills associated with construction technology and construction materials and practices. This is achieved through theoretical study and integrated practical projects which provide a basis for the thorough exploration of materials and processes. This subject gives students a firm grounding in all the main principles of construction including:

Part I - Construction Theory and Drawing

Part II - Practical Skills

Part III - Course Work and Projects

Students of Construction Studies use a unique range of skills in the design and production of a project in one of these four for assessment as part of their Leaving Certificate

This project (25%) along with a practical skills test (25%) and a final written paper (50%) on the areas outlined above make Construction Studies a very diverse, interesting and challenging subject. It allows students to develop a true appreciation for the world of construction and provide them with an introduction to courses incorporating construction at third level and a possible career in one of the many facets of the subject.

We have a well equipped specialist room, furnished with 24 benches a large variety of hand tools and woodworking machines. This allows all students to experience the environment of a practical workshop situation.