O’ Carolan College Courses/Programmes
O’ Carolan College is a modern well equipped second level school. It opened in September 1988 with capacity for 300 students. A building extension has been sanctioned in October 2006 to increase capacity to 450.

Courses on offer:
Junior Certificate – all students study Irish, English, Maths, French, Science, History, Geography, C.S.P.E. Religion and Computers. They also select 2 subjects from: Home Economics, Business, Art, Materials Technology (Metalwork), Woodwork, Technical Graphics. Students all have the option of taking Junior Cert Music as an extra subject.

J.C.S.P. (Junior Certificate Schools Programme)
This is not an alternative Junior Certificate but a support framework for it. It is aimed at students who find school difficult for various reasons. This programme ensures that each individual student experiences success and grows in self confidence.

Transition Year:
This “gap year” affords students time to reflect, develop self-confidence and become mature. In addition to the academic core, students have the opportunity to sample most of the Leaving Certificate Options and also take part in activities such as Career Investigation, Enterprise Education, Drama, Dance, Photography and golf. The emphasis is on project work, acquiring practical skills and self- directed learning. Studies have shown that students who complete Transition Year do better in their Leaving Cert results.

Senior Cycle:
There are three Leaving Certificate courses on offer:

  1. Established Leaving Certificate
  2. Leaving Certificate (L.C.V.P) 
  3. Leaving Certificate Applied

Established Leaving Certificate:
Subjects on offer at Senior cycle are: Irish, English, Maths, French, History, Geography, Business, Accounting, Home Economics, Technical Drawing, Construction Studies, Engineering, Physics, Agricultural Science, Biology and Art. Applied Maths was introduced in 2005. All students have Religion, Computers/IT and P.E.

L.C.V.P. (Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme)
In addition to the established Leaving Certificate Course students study a special Links Module. This compasses three areas of study and self-directed learning:

  1. Enterprise Education
  2. Preparation for the World of Work
  3. Work Experience

This programme was introduced in response to the changing needs of Ireland’s education system and the changing work and business environment.

For I.T. Colleges For Universities

  1. A Distinction is worth 70 points A Distinction is worth 50 points
  2. A Merit is worth 50 points A Merit is worth 40 points
  3. A Pass is worth 30 points A Pass is worth 30 points

L.C.A. (Leaving Certificate Applied)
The Leaving Certificate Applied was introduced to recognise the talents of all students and provide opportunities for development in terms of responsibilities, self-esteem and self-knowledge. It is an innovative programme in the way students learn, in what they learn and in the way their achievements are assessed. In Leaving Cert Applied the course is divided into three main areas.

  1. Vocational Preparation which focuses on preparation for work, work experience, enterprise and communications,
  2. General Education which gives students general life-skills, including the arts, social education, leisure and languages.
  3. Vocational Education which is concerned with the development of mathematical and information technology and the practical skills necessary for specialist areas such as tourism, business, horticulture, engineering and technology. A unique feature of the Leaving Certificate Applied curriculum is the fact that information technology, arts, leisure and recreation are required courses for all students.
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