Mission Statement

Mission Statement


Our school seeks to promote “saothar agus sonas” in every aspect of our student’s time in O’Carolan College. Saothar means hard work, while sonas means happiness and prosperity.

Our students and staff work together to achieve the student’s maximum potential, both during school and in their lives in the wider community. This helps to develop a positive work ethic which values effort and endeavour, which are fruitful skills that can be employed in any stage of one’s life.

Our school also aims to help our students develop into physically, mentally and emotionally healthy members of society, ready to face both the challenges of modern Ireland and learn to value prosperity in their lives and their personal achievements.

To facilitate this, our school has identified some key aims to help achieve our mission statement.

To create a safe and secure environment for learning and growth for students free from intimidation and bullying.

That each student will achieve to the maximum of their ability in examinations.

To build a system of personal development and pastoral care that enables every student to grow in maturity, confidence and self esteem.

To develop a network of extra-curricular activities.

To foster contact with the community, business and industry.